Always difficult to get a refund from airlines

Toujours aussi difficile d'obtenir un remboursement des compagnies aériennes

Airlines continue to maintain the hard line to the place of travelers who demand a reimbursement.

It must be said that the regulations are not the same everywhere in the world, and that the different companies are not all on the same wavelength.

“You take nothing for granted […] Because this is not exactly the same rules from one line to the other,” explains Patrick Giguère, Travel Constellation.

Tickets are non-refundable, payable with other fees, possibility of travel credits, the range of solutions offered to travellers is very varied.

But there is hope for a refund in full, according to Option consommateurs.

“The u.s. carriers have been ordered to repay their customers […] however, This is not yet the case for canadian carriers, although WestJet has started to reimburse travel to United States and England,” says Me Élise Thériault of Option consommateurs.

This is still the case-by-case basis, and things are not expected to evolve quickly.

“It was not of the line [director] clear across the country. This case-by-case basis-there is therefore going to stay,” informed the CEO of, Jacob Charbonneau.

“We’ve got to fight a little bit with the airlines that are trying to keep the maximum amount of money on their side.”

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