Always most of the homeless in Los Angeles

Toujours plus de sans-abri à Los Angeles

The number of homeless people has strongly increased over a year in Los Angeles county, California, according to a count announced on Friday, but realized before the start of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The local agency of assistance to the homeless LAHSA accounted for 66 433, or nearly 13 % more than in the previous year.

Despite millions of dollars of public funds invested to try to resolve the issue, California, one of the richest States in the country, is the most affected, with approximately 150,000 homeless people in total.

A problem made even more visible lately with the pandemic that has pushed the population to be confined to her home during that those deprived of a roof remained on the sidewalk.

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti said that the new figures reflected a ” deepening crisis “, despite the efforts of the municipality to ” housing the people at an unprecedented rate “.

The agency LAHSA, through the voice of its director, Heidi Marston, was called to “attack in depth” to the crisis, including the black minorities ” neglected for too long.”

One of the main reasons, according to LAHSA, the increase in the number of homeless in Los Angeles is the lack of affordable housing in a city where rents are particularly high.

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