alyona alyona told how he coped with the ridicule of their peers

The singer shared a touching story of life

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alyona alyona рассказала, как справилась с насмешками сверстников

Singer alyona alyona

28-year-old Ukrainian singer alyona alyona the winner of the non-standard appearance. Today alyona alyona is one of the most popular rap artists, about the artist regularly writes the foreign press, and recently alyona alyona was nominated for an international award.

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However, as acknowledged by the star herself in school, she endured the ridicule of their peers, who are constantly humiliated her. So, alyona alyona said that it was called “fat bitch”. The actress also remembered that several times a year children dress up in various costumes to take pictures. These costumes Alain Savranenko never got involved and the result did not take part in a photo shoot. Peers future star, meanwhile, said in her address insulting words like: “Well, fat bitch, don’t fit?”. His followers, the singer offered to share their stories, to be released from the complexes.

She Alena after numerous requests was told that once coped with their systems. It turned out that the girl friend helped.

alyona alyona рассказала, как справилась с насмешками сверстников

Singer alyona alyona told about the ridicule at school

“Once she invited me to her house. We talked a lot about appearance, and at the end of the conversation she put me in front of the mirror and said, “You may not like your feet, but look – you have lovely hair. You may not like you, but look at your beautiful toes and nails. You may not like the chin, but smile very sincere and contagious. In every man there is something in it good and beautiful,” recalled the artist.

Fans who are also faced with the negative in the address, alyona alyona advised to look for something good, rather than focusing on the bad.

We will remind, earlier аlyona alyona has released a new video, which immediately became a hit.

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