Alyosha told about the complicated relationship with his brother

The singer confessed that as a child he and his brother hated each other

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Alyosha рассказала о сложных отношениях с братом


Sunday, April 28, at 23:00 TV channel “Ukraine” will show the big concert “Spring music platform”, which will be attended by famous Ukrainian artists. Behind the scenes, the artists shared interesting details of his life – in particular, the singer Alyosha said that for a long time hated my own brother.

Popular singer admitted that the strained relationship with his brother has developed since childhood.

“I have three brothers, and it so happened that most fought with the middle brother – we literally hated each other,” said Alyosha journalists of the TV channel “Ukraine”.

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A landmark in the relationship with his brother was an unpleasant case:

“In the summer, we gathered cherries, and he fell out of a tree. So badly that he broke both hands. I felt sorry for him, but also so ridiculous… Remember how we’re in the car, he had both arms in plaster, is a bucket of cherries. And I still say why you don’t eat the cherries?”.

However, it is a state of emergency to help my brother and sister finally make friends:

“I slightly teased him, of course. But I would just feed him the cherries, because he couldn’t. It was at that moment began some kind of thaw in our relations, and now, of course, fine.”

Alyosha рассказала о сложных отношениях с братом

On the TV channel “Ukraine” will take place the concert of “Music platform”

Besides Alyosha, spring mood off the stage “Music platform” with the audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” will share Oleg Vinnik, ALEKSEEV, TAYANNA, Sergey Babkin, Michele Andrade, Svetlana Tarabarova, Zlata ognevich, Olga Cybulski and many other artists.

See Grand concert “Music platform” on Sunday, April 28, at 23:00 on TV channel “Ukraine”.

“The music platform” opens the new season video:

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