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In an exclusive column on the role of mother in the lives of famous men program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” member of the group Rumbero’s Amador Lopez has told how he managed to become known as a close relationship with his mother influenced his personal life.

Sincere, charismatic, popular! The success story of Venezuelan Amador Lopez unique. And all that it has in Ukraine, – thanks to my mother. Maria Rodriguez, who is now 63 years old, beautiful and energetic woman who knows about his son the most intimate.

“First love – my mom always was aware… She gave me money because I didn’t want to just give a girl flowers, but also lead to the restaurant. And it was in 12 years a minute! recalls Amador Lopez in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”. – And after 5 years, when my first girlfriend decided to go for a close encounter, of course, I discussed it with my mom. She went to the pharmacy, all purchased and moved out of the house – all beautifully done!”.

Амадор Лопес откровенно рассказал об отношениях с матерью

Amador Lopez

Frankly and honestly – the only way a future star and talked to my mom. Even when in 17 years, said he would leave her, perhaps forever!

“I decided that I was a doctor and fencing. My coach advised me with him to go to Ukraine, because it is the center of Europe, it is cheap, besides you can take part in competitions. Mom was in shock she just turned and left,” said Amador Lopez.

Amador then began to earn money to buy a ticket and go to a distant country. And yet went to carry out my adult dream. He enrolled in the Ukrainian state University of physical education and sport.

Амадор Лопес откровенно рассказал об отношениях с матерью

Amador Lopez

“When I from morning to night work, selling corn, clothing, and lottery tickets. Parents understand that this is not just a child’s wish, – says the artist. – Arrived in Kiev, I was a good student, loved to go to dances Venezuelan blood, friends! I was always the center of attention. And one day spotted me and offered to open the first Latin American dance school in Ukraine! Then took off in a television project in the magazine… And I realized that this is mine!”.

And only come to the son in the distant Ukraine, Maria Rodriguez made sure that nothing was nervous. Together with Amador, they could not even safely walk the streets and ride the subway – people came to be photographed. And now the artist collects documents that the mom was able to stay with him in Ukraine.

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