Amandine Pellissard: her X content leaks and is available on the internet, she threatens the culprits

Amandine Pellissard: her X content leaks and is available on the internet, she threatens the culprits

By Mathis Ferrut Journalist people, TV, reality TV Fascinated by the world of media from an early age, television has no secrets for him. Loft Story, Star Academy, Secret Story, the Ch'tis, the Marseillais… He is a real encyclopedia of reality TV. He is also a fan of sports (particularly football and Paris Saint-Germain) and music. He listens to everything and his playlists surprise more than one! Amandine Pellissard became known by participating for several years in Large Families life in XXL. She recently announced that she was leaving the show and surprised everyone by revealing her transition into porn. Unfortunately for her, some of her paid X content has leaked on the web for free and the star mum has no intention of letting it go…

Since her controversial departure from Large families, life in XXLon TF1, Amandine Pellissard is causing a stir following her astonishing professional retraining. Indeed, the mother star launched into porn with her husband Alexandre. A choice that does not please everyone, since it has been the target of numerous attacks on the Web. As usual, Amandine did not hesitate to respond to her haters. “ So for the haters, frustrated and upset, your opinions don't matter to me (…) Save your energy and use it wisely. Good for you “, she said dropped.

To provoke them a little more, she recently made a presentation of erotic accessories that she received and had fun: “He's going to be on the crutch until tomorrow morning. There, he's going to be unmanageable this Chabite. Sacred coquinou!“. A little later, she announced that in addition to MYM, she was launching an even harder platform: Swame. “You can subscribe to enjoy unbelievably….unbelievable content. That's a good adjective, it's unbelievable. Above all, you can make your private media requests“, she explained, before addressing her haters again: ” No offense to some, or rather some … Rather some! But it doesn't matter, we love everyone, heart on you, love on you, love your neighbor above all“.

Everything is traced, everything is identified

Unfortunately for her, some of her X content quickly leaked onto the web. Contacted by the magazine Public, the mother reacted. < strong>“The contents are not free of rights as on the free networks. The intellectual property belongs to the site that hosts the photos since it is paid content“, she warned, before adding: “There is something activated on my profile which is called the media marker, that is to say that everything is traced, everything is identified. From the IP address and the user, to their name, since anyway, it's a platform you can't access without validating your identity card“.

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It's super square. So not only does the person have their account blown up, he gets a fine automatically and the site that hosts the fraudulent content gets a fine as well“, she concludes.

Whoever intends to leak Amandine Pellissard's hot content has been warned!