Amateur rugby: “We lost our identity, we no longer recognized ourselves”, RO Lunel will leave RC Méditerranée next season

Amateur rugby: “We lost our identity, we no longer recognized ourselves”, RO Lunel will leave RC Méditerranée next season

L’assemblée générale extraordinaire du Rol s’est tenue ce 13 mai au club-house de Ramadier. – M.Z.

The unanimous vote for the return of a senior team and the separation with the Méditerranée-Palavas-Lunel Rugby club marks a new turning point in Lunel Olympic Rugby.

Rarely has an extraordinary general assembly been as consensual as that of Lunel Olympic Rugby (Rol), held this Monday, May 13 at the club house of the Ramadier stadium. Yet on the agenda, an essential point – namely the end of the partnership with the Palavas club – could have provoked reactions. Nay! In the room, the quorum of around forty members voted unanimously to leave the Palavas Lunel Mediterranean Cooperation club (RCMPL).

The ambition to follow Montpellier Hérault rugby

Born five years ago, the cooperation aimed to pool the strengths of the Lunel and Palavasian clubs to achieve a better level of competition. The structures shared half of everything that contributed to the lives of seniors. Home games were also scheduled fairly. Only training naturally fell to Rol, which has a rugby school and a dynamic youth center.

The arrival of a new sponsor – the Montpellier company Septeo, specializing in the publishing of software solutions and IT services – with considerable resources and the ambition to follow Montpellier Hérault rugby, has shaken up the situation. Exit the Palavas-Lunel Rugby Cooperation (CPLR), the Mediterranean broadened the field with a new name: the RCMPL.

The Lunel black and yellow as well as the Palavasian blue gave way to the colors of the new sponsor and leader. And when the senior home matches in Federal 2 and Federal B no longer took place at the Ramadier stadium, the divorce between the Rol and the RCMPL became inevitable. « With the arrival of the new sponsor, it quickly became complicated, explained Jérôme Boisson, the president of Rol. They chose their partners, their colors and that’s normal. But is that our place? I don't think that's our plan.»

"We no longer recognized it"

"We are a training club. We have a social role as well as a sporting role, continued President Boisson. We realized that the bridge was not being made and we were losing our identity. We no longer recognized ourselves. In Lunel, the Mediterranean is not far away, but we do not touch it." Jérôme Boisson further specified that within the club, reluctance to cooperate became more pressing and partners and players of the club requested that a senior team represent its colors again.

Remarks that the municipal sports assistant Laurent Grasset welcomed:"The stadium without a match on Sunday had become sad and empty of life. I am happy with this decision." Other interventions highlighted the importance of this choice for young people: "The little ones lacked benchmarks, being able to identify with the senior players. This is also what pulls them up." So this vote will mark a new turning point at the club.

A senior team from next season

A team will be involved from next season at the regional level. "We will start building with the desire that 80% of the players come from our training. We can control the budget with the objective of going to Federal 3 within three to four years, affirmed the president of Rol, before concluding: < em>That doesn't mean there are still players who want to find a higher level elsewhere and that's just as well."

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