Amazon buys its own planes to meet delivery needs

Amazon buys its own planes to meet delivery needs

Amazon is buying planes as airlines downsize their fleets as the COVID-19 pandemic has skyrocketed demand for product deliveries, but drastically reduced people travel.

The e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday the acquisition of eleven Boeing 767-300s from Delta and WestJet, which will be converted into cargo planes. It is the first time that the group has acquired aircraft to build up its own fleet, instead of signing rental contracts.

“Having both leased and owned aircraft in our growing fleet allows us to better manage our operations, and therefore keep pace to deliver on promises to our customers,” said Sarah Rhoads, vice-president. president of Amazon Global Air.

WestJet’s four planes will join Amazon’s fleet as early as this year, while the seven aircraft purchased from Delta will be ready in 2022.

Since the start of the pandemic, Amazon has worked hard in logistics, from warehouses to recruitments via means of transport, to cope with the surge in internet orders.

The travel and tourism industry has suffered greatly from the health crisis.

The plan to support the US economy, ratified at the end of December, provides for aid of $ 16 billion to save tens of thousands of jobs in airlines and their subcontractors. And $ 2 billion must help airports.

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