Amazon has created a spaceship to fly to the moon

Blue Moon camera is able to deliver on the surface of the moon at 3.6 tons of payload

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Today, 07:28

Amazon создали космический корабль для полетов на Луну

Blue Moon go to the moon in 2024

Blue Origin, a private space company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezosa, officially unveiled the spacecraft Blue Moon. The ship, equipped with a new rocket engine BE-7, specifically designed to deliver cargo or people to the moon and back.

Bezos is confident that his creation is really able to deliver astronauts to the moon by 2024. NASA are already interested in the development of Bezos, and will be used to achieve this purpose, the partnership business structure.

Power and capacity of the machine Blue Moon will be enough to deliver to the surface of our natural satellite is 3.6 tons of payload. Probably, this machine will start to prepare the infrastructure for a future lunar base. According to Bezos, the Moon is attractive from the point of view of the development of production in space because of less gravity than on Earth.

The lander is equipped with multiple robotic manipulators and a Rover for surface exploration of the moon.

The engine BE-7 is also a development of Blue Origin and its peculiarity is that it is designed by using parts made by three dimensional printing, and runs on liquid hydrogen. The first tests of the prototype will take place in the summer of 2019.

Amazon создали космический корабль для полетов на Луну

See details in the story of a promising spacecraft of Jeff Bezos:

We will remind that earlier it was reported about how NASA wants to break the sound barrier without the noise of future passenger aircraft. And recently on the moon crashed space ship.

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