Amazon offers permanent employment to 125 000 temporary employees

Amazon propose des emplois permanents à 125 000 employés temporaires

| San Francisco-Amazon on Thursday announced it would offer permanent employment to 125 000 temporary laborers recruited to cope with the exploding demand for online shopping during the pandemic.

Amazon has created 175 000 new jobs in march in the United States, primarily in its warehouses, while measures of social distancing, forcing the physical stores to close their doors.

“Like other companies, we hired these people for seasonal positions. (…) Many had hoped to return to their previous company to the extent that the activity took over,” said the giant of online commerce in a press release.

“As the situation for the long term becomes more clear, we have decided to offer the opportunity to 125,000 temporary workers to stay at Amazon and to take permanent positions, full-time, starting of June”.

The group of Seattle has found itself at the heart of the economy of the containment, with the e-commerce and home delivery, but also the servers that supply many services on the cloud, like Netflix.

But Amazon is also much criticized by some employees and associations which consider, inter alia, that the warehouses and logistics centres are not doing enough in terms of health protection.

More than 41 million Americans have pointed to unemployed in two months, since the implementation of the measures massive containment in the country from mid-march.

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