Amazon's lack of climate commitment: employees take to the streets to protest

Amazon's lack of climate commitment: employees take to the streets to manifest


Employees of the giant Amazon took to the streets of Seattle last Wednesday to express their displeasure.  

They deplore, among other things, the multinational's lack of commitment to climate change as well as a mandatory return to face-to-face work.

“What we must not forget is that they have reduced the number of employees quite drastically in recent months, so the climate is quite tense at Amazon, and has been for a few years”, recalls Philippe Richard Bertrand, co-founder of Amplio Strategies.

These ways of doing things have consequences on a planetary scale, according to the expert, who speaks of “a global uproar”.

< p>It is “one of the largest employers in the world”.

Wage rise unlikely

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is living the high life, and the company is posting record profits, denounce the employees. 

Warehouse workers usually earn minimum wage, and to learn that “Mr. Bezos bought himself a $500 million yacht,” it “raises the eyebrows among employees.” however, “there is a difference between the valuation of Mr. Bezos personally and the salaries he wants to give at Amazon”, nuances the expert.

“Does everyone need a $500 million yacht? Maybe not, he said. On the other hand, there are investors behind Amazon; it's a public company on the stock exchange.”

A global wage increase would have an effect on the company's profitability, believes Mr. Bertrand.

As “ financial markets are dictating Amazon to be extremely profitable,” Amazon will not raise wages, Bertrand said.

Climate change and carbon neutrality< /strong>

Amazon has also pushed back investment in greener equipment and achieving carbon neutrality to 2040. 

When the e-commerce giant “ shop at Boeing or Airbus, these are not small orders; these are often larger orders than the airlines. We are buying with billions”. 

Colossal investments will be necessary if the giant is to become carbon neutral.

That is why Amazon is delaying the start of the process.