Amber Heard ensures you have liked Johnny Depp, despite the violence of which it accuses

Amber Heard assure avoir aimé Johnny Depp, malgré les violences dont elle l’accuse

American actress Amber Heard has assured Thursday in London as she had loved her ex-husband Johnny Depp and hoped until the end that he would come out of his addiction to drugs and alcohol, during the defamation lawsuit brought by the actor to the tabloid british The Sun.

“I loved him and I didn’t want to lose that (…), his other face was that of a monster, but I always kept the hope that he désintoxiquerait “, she said, when questioned by the lawyer of the Sun.

Johnny Depp continues on a daily basis to have qualified in April 2018 abusive husband. The publisher of the journal, NGN, relies for its defence 14 incidents in which the hero of “Pirates of the Caribbean” proved to be violent toward his wife.

The trial, in its third week, has given rise to a great unpacking of the tormented life of the couple, including the description of the episodes most shocking, Depp recognizing abusive consumption of drugs and alcohol, and accusing them in return of violence to his ex-wife, portrayed it as a calculator, narcissistic and sociopathic.

Amber Heard, 34 years old, cited as a witness by the defence of the Sun, defended to take the slightest advantage of the situation. “I didn’t want to put Johnny (in a position) where the world or its children not in the details that it is, or what he was capable of. It’s embarrassing “, she said.

She was assured that she had no desire to be in a court, and that she just wanted that Depp the ” leave it alone “.

Questioned on a possible benefit to her career, she replied: “No.” What woman has ever benefited from being a victim of domestic violence? “

Johnny Depp, who has long testified when the trial opened on 7 July, for his part, said he never laid a hand on a woman.

The couple met in 2011 on the set of “Rum Express” and was divorced in early 2017, after less than two years of a marriage stormy.

The trial is scheduled to conclude Tuesday.

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