Amber Heard says Johnny Depp threw bottles “like grenades”

Amber Heard affirme que Johnny Depp lui a lancé des bouteilles « comme des grenades »

American actress Amber Heard on Wednesday accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp have launched a thirty bottles “like grenades” during an argument in Australia, during the defamation suit brought by the latter to the tabloid british The Sun.

The actress, 34 years of age is summoned as a witness by the defence of the Sun, as Johnny Depp continues before the High Court of London, having qualified in April 2018 abusive husband. The publisher of the journal, NGN, relies for its defence 14 incidents in which the hero of “Pirates of the Caribbean” proved to be violent toward his wife.

Johnny Depp strongly rejects these accusations, claiming to have never laid a hand on a woman and accusing them in return of violence with his ex-wife, portrayed it as a calculator, narcissistic and sociopath, anxious to destroy his life.

Questioned by the lawyer of the star, Eleanor Laws, Amber Heard has asserted that Johnny Depp had launched a thirty-odd bottles in his direction, during an argument in march 2015 in Australia, where he was filming.

After she was criticised for its fondness for alcohol, ” he began to take (bottles) one at a time and throw them like grenades “, she told.

It was during this incident that a finger tip from Johnny Depp has been cut: according to the lawyer of the star, by a bottle that Amber Heard, ” rage “, has it even broken, which it has denied.

In December, 2015, in Los Angeles, when “one of the worst and most violent nights of our relationship” according to Amber Heard, the actress was said to have been pulled by the hair through their apartment and hit in the head repeatedly.

“I had two black eyes, a broken nose, a broken rib ( … ), I had bruises all over the body “, she said.

To Me, Laws was then noted that the nurse who examined did not notice any bruising, just a lip that was bleeding – because she was bitten, according to the advocate.

The couple, who met in 2011 on the set of ” Rum Express “, divorced after less than two years of a marriage stormy, early 2017.

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