Amber Heard violent with Johnny Depp ? She admits to having “hit” in an audio message

Amber Heard violente avec Johnny Depp ? Elle avoue l'avoir "frappé" dans un message audio

Amber Heard violent with Johnny Depp ? She admits to having “hit” in an audio message

More than three years after the divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, a huge reversal of the situation just occurred. While the actress has always denied be violent with her ex-husband, his version is today called into question with the release of an audio message, dating back to 2015, in which she admits to having “hit”. Internet users launched the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

During the divorce proceedings, in 2016, Amber Heard has accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, she would have confided that he was “abused physically and psychologically”. To prove the words of the actress, a video of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean, in which she is violent, has been leaked on the web, but according to TMZ, the sequence would have been a “tremendous rise” and “qeu some of the passages where Amber appears smiling and teases purposely have been cut“. The situation has now reversed since Johnny Depp has in turn accused his ex wife of domestic violence.

“I’m so angry that sometimes I lose control”

Despite the doubts, it has always been difficult to prove it… until today. Three years after this whole story, Amber Heard admits to having “hit” Johnny Depp in an audio recording, dating back to 2015, unveiled by the Daily Mail : “I don’t know what movement my hand has done exactly, but you’re alright. I’m not injured. I have not given punch, I hit him.” There’s then the father of Lily-Rose Depp say that he leaves the room to avoid that they are showing “violent with one another“.

I can’t promise that I’m no longer ‘physical’. My god I am so angry that sometimes I lose control“, the balance to turn the actress Aquaman. This evidence may well put Amber Heard in the lurch during the trial.


In any case, this audio recording has had the effect of a bomb on the social networks. The users launched the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp : “Horrible. From the start I knew that this woman was stamped. She destroyed Johnny Depp, his reputation and his career“, “It has destroyed the career of Johnny Depp, it was ruined, you insultiez all because obviously Amber is a woman so she may not be violent, eh, and then there’s evidence to the contrary, I hope that he gets justice“, “the evidence has fallen. Johnny Depp did not hit Amber Heard during their relationship but the opposite“, “I knew it had r done it’s crazy you can see it, “one can read on Twitter.

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