Amber Heard was said to have been afraid that her ex-husband Johnny Depp do the kills

Amber Heard dit avoir eu peur que son ex-mari Johnny Depp ne la tue

London | american actress Amber Heard has claimed to have been afraid that her ex-husband Johnny Depp do the kills in a witness examined on Monday in London, during a lawsuit brought by the star of pirates of the Caribbean to the tabloid The Sun.

Summoned as a witness by the defence of the british newspaper, that Johnny Depp continues to be qualified in April 2018 abusive husband, the actress, 34-year-old has accused his ex-spouse have been subjected to verbal and physical assaults, threats and intimidation.

The defamation lawsuit enters its third, and in principle last week before the High Court of London.

The couple had divorced in 2017 after 15 months of a marriage stormy. In the divorce proceedings, Amber Heard had withdrawn her complaint for violence, and Johnny Depp had paid him seven million dollars (6,11 million euros), as the actress had donated to associations.

In its defense, the tabloid british invokes 14 incident where Johnny Depp proved to be violent against his wife. The actor, 57-year-old is vigorously contesting these allegations, and asserts that it was she who was violent towards her.

Some of these episodes were “so serious that I was afraid he would kill me, whether intentionally or by losing control”, “going too far”, she said in her written testimony.

Questioned by the lawyer of the actor, Eleanor Laws, Amber Heard has confirmed that it suffered physical violence, regular and repeated the part of the actor.

“He has explicitly threatened to kill me many times, especially at the end of our relationship”, she says in her written testimony, “it is very good to manipulate people”.

According to her, it was to bear the responsibility of his actions to what he called “the monster, “rather than to itself”. “He talked as if it was another person or another personality and not him that was doing all these things,” she says in this testimony, where she accuses Johnny Depp of victimizing.

It is said that the entourage of Johnny Depp was trying to convince her to “stay or go” after these “episodes of violence”. She stayed, she said, in the hope of helping the actor to get rid of his addictions to drugs and alcohol.

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