Amélie and his all-star team

Amélie et son équipe d’étoiles

Amélie No. took four years after its passage noticed at The Voice , to create a first solo album. To see the formation of all-star musicians she has been able to gather for her project, she has done well to take his time.

In the embodiment, the battery and the other, Sam Joly (Thus Owls, Marie-Pierre Arthur). (Keyboards), François Lafontaine (Karkwa, and too many collaborations to list them all). (Guitar), Olivier Langevin (Galaxie and same problem as Lafontaine). On bass, François Plante (same problem as the other two).

Are you done with the rest of the gang, but for a first album, and artist of Québec has paid the total.

“I’m spoiled “, has fun-t-her at the end of the wire.

She expected

Of course, all this beautiful world is very requested, and it explains why the record of the six parts of Part 1 (as the title suggests, a second part will come out one day) has been slow.

Except that Amélie No. was willing to wait. It is them that she wanted to.

“I had done tests with musicians from the Quebec city area and it didn’t happen like I wanted it to be. “

The game of contacts has allowed him to train his team. The singer was first approached François Lafontaine, a close friend of Olivier Langevin, which had made the album, I. No, the former band of Amélie No.

“It was super busy, but he referred me to Sam Joly. It was a guess. They began with a tune and it clicked. […] With Sam and his gang, there was a madness that I would not have permitted otherwise. “

The atmosphere in the first

By the same token, it has put behind it the folk that characterised his I. No. to move towards the R&B, as demonstrated extracts Deep and Release. Except that Amelie No prefer not to lock up his music, which flirts with the soul and the rock, in a box. “We are not in the classic R&B,” she says.

An album of ambience, then ? “This is it, this is a mood “, approves of the singer.


On the side of the texts, all in English, it is welcome in the tormented life of Amélie. Barely of this, doubt of this, it is not clear from his Part 1 in the same state of mind after a listen to Blue Jean Blue, say.

She laughs : “art is an outlet and it is perhaps this that keeps me in balance. If I lived all of my emotions so strongly that I express them on paper, maybe that would be heavy to wear. “

Like all musical artists, release an album currently limits the possibilities to promote in amount on stage. “It is a good time to write “, she noted.

Part II will happen perhaps more quickly.

The album Part 1, Amélie No, on the market since Friday.

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