Amelie No plays in the big league

Amelie No joue dans la cour des grands

Amelie No is is surrounded by seasoned musicians François Lafontaine and Olivier Langevin (Galaxie) for her first mini-album, “The Moon”, published Friday, that it has long simmered.

When Amelie No. snuck up to the projectors of “The Voice” in 2015, it wasn’t his first barbecue. It heard and saw. It has its teeth in the bars before entering the small screen by the front door. She had even recorded with his group I. No and makes waves with “My Darling”, a title both bright and melancholy, who turned to the radio.

“When I got out of “The Voice”, I immediately began to write because I was eager to get my own stock and I didn’t want to be labelled as “the daughter of “The Voice,””, she says without ingratitude. It’s just that I’ve done so much business in my life about 15 years ago! I didn’t want that two minutes of tv define my career. This is just like that.”

Amelie No is not only a vibrant interpreter who is able to put the words and melodies of others in his hand. The author-composer of his state, she co-wrote all of the songs in his effort to solo with Jessy Caron of Men I Trust and Guillaume Tondreau, a coach Karim Ouellet, in particular.

Sam Joly, also known for his work within Klaus, to sign the completion of the EP. François Lafontaine (Karkwa) and François Plant (the trio of Plaster, once) were also added their grain of salt. “More than arrangements, this core then has helped me to create tables, moods and atmospheres. Then, Sam made a call to Olivier Langevin for the guitars that he lacked. “

To get out of his comfort zone

About “The Moon”, the first excerpt soon translated into French for radios, Amelie No tampering with his voice on to the computer and the laying on of the synthesizers that evoke the 1980s.

“I believe that the style is more folk than I. No, was a little less in this project. I’ve always had this madness in me, but I had never been able to express it as in this moment. Sam Joly has been as a catalyst. He understood where I wanted to go.”

Beyond the sounds of electro, which is in contrast with the rest of his work, “Deep” allows a subtle incursion into the land of hip-hop. On this fifth beach, the mermaid stamp with a jazz beat, is the background to the universe of Modlee on a drum beat deconstructs.

“By my boyfriend who is close to the gang of Karim Ouellet and Claude Bégin, I learned about Alaclair Ensemble, and to have great respect for their work. Modlee, it is the joint of the “beatmaker” Vlooper and I tripais on his voice.”

“It makes me think of Lauryn Hill. I love R&B, I grew up with “Rock – ‘ n-Nun”, these characters, these girls are strong, but who were not sufficiently supported to do what they really wanted to do, to sing. I wanted that this soul will shine out in my album.”

Between yoga and music

Amelie No leads a double life. A teacher of yoga in his free time, the singer-songwriter has been inspired by his sessions on the carpet to lay the texts of his songs.

In agreement with the stars, the creator and vocalist behind “to The Moon” was released the offering Friday, at the same time as the full moon. Pandemic or not, it is as if the release date was written in the sky.

If “The Moon” is also inspired by the sinister tarot card of the same name, it is really the elements like fire and water, which bind all the titles of this disc. Codes own of yoga, a discipline that Amelie No has learned more in depth after its passage on “The Voice” and the birth of his son.

“In one of my trainings in yoga, the teacher I had was very connected to the elements, to ayurveda. She has led us on the path of the doshas. At the bottom, any human is composed of all five elements, but it divides them into three categories.”

“With this teacher, we were to pick a tarot card at the beginning of the yoga to set our intention. I found it so beautiful.”

More than a simple constraint, aesthetic, cartomancy acts as a motor and the anime. It is a way to dig into it and do out the most beautiful. An album wispy and poetic results in, pieces worn by a soloist intimately connected to our emotions.

“The charm of the tarot lies in the interpretation that we want to give it to him. I think it marked me. For “Hand 2”, my next EP, I’m going to push it even further. It will be spiritual and mysterious, very white magic even, both at the level of the visual than the music.”

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