America continues to ignite, without respite predictable

L’Amérique continue de s’embraser, sans répit prévisible

The federal capital and dozens of other cities in the United States pansaient their wounds on Monday and feared new outbreaks of violence, a week after the killing of a black man by a policeman in the north of the country.

In Washington, after a night of chaos and the imposition of a curfew, the area around the White House offered by locations a spectacle of desolation: shop windows smashed, bins burnt, facades, tagged.

The image of the famous building, the seat of the executive, an american, immersed in the dark, but surrounded by several fires volunteers, will mark the spirits. President Donald Trump has even been led to look forward to in an underground bunker and secure in the night from Friday to Saturday.

From New York to Los Angeles, from Philadelphia to Seattle, tens or even hundreds of thousands of Americans demonstrated Saturday and Sunday against police brutality, racism and social inequalities, exacerbated by the crisis of the COVID-19.

At the origin of the anger, the killing there is exactly one week from George Floyd, an African-american 46-year-old, who during his arrest has suffocated, handcuffed, under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis.

This protest movement has expressed itself in a predominantly peaceful way on the day, but has also given rise to wildfires at night, looting and destruction on a large scale.

Neither the reference to the agent guilty of the blunder, Derek Chauvin, nor his arrest later have calmed down the spirits, on the contrary: the protests have spread to at least 140 u.s. cities.

In the Face of clashes mixing with protesters, rioters, and the riot squads, the soldiers of the national Guard have been deployed in over two dozen cities, in a climate of tension unprecedented since the 1960s.

A security response scale, which has led to the use of armored vehicles and troop transport, the use of tear gas and rubber bullets.

Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, in: the american cities have decided to impose a curfew for their residents. In Washington, the time it was advanced Monday at 19: 00.

The president Trump, in the face of civil unrest the most serious of its mandate, has blasted the ” anarchists “.

On Monday, the billionaire republican has urged the governors of the federated States in the firmness, calling on a conference call to “take over” on the protesters.

Mr Trump has accused his rival democrat in the presidential election of November, Joe Biden, to work towards the release from prison of the troublemakers. The security forces have made thousands of arrests.

Mr. Biden, the face covered by a mask, was made Monday in the church of a parish with black his home State of Delaware to meet with local officials. The former vice-chairman of Barack Obama’s account on this electorate to win the White House.

Sunday evening, looting have been reported in Philadelphia and New York, as well as in a shopping mall, upscale Santa Monica, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Demonstrations were also held in Miami and New York in particular. “Black Lives Matter” (” the life of The Black account “), “I can’t breathe” (” I can’t breathe “, the last words to Floyd), chanted the protesters.

Rubber bullets

Officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with manslaughter, was scheduled to appear Monday before a court, but that hearing was postponed to 8 June.

The family of George Floyd was expected to make public on Monday afternoon the results of his autopsy, a time unlikely to ease the prevailing tension.

“We have black children, of black brothers, black friends, we don’t want them to die. We are tired as it is repeated, this generation will not allow itself to do. We have had enough of the oppression “, explained to AFP Muna Abdi, a woman protester black 31-year-old at Saint-Paul.

Donald Trump has denounced the actions of the mainstream radical “antifa” (anti-fascist), that it has announced that it wants to list it as a terrorist organization.


The emotion has gone beyond the boundaries of the United States.

The six-time british world champion Lewis Hamilton has denounced the silence of the “biggest stars” of the Formula 1 is a world ” dominated by whites “.

Footballers in Europe have shown their solidarity, as the attacker Marcus Thuram, son of the world champion French 1998 Lilian Thuram, who put a knee on the ground Sunday, a gesture popularized in 2016 by the american football player Colin Kaepernick to protest against the police violence against minorities.

Protests against police brutality and racism in the United States also took place during the week-end in Great-Britain, in Germany or in Canada and Monday in New Zealand.

The rivals of the United States in the world have not missed the opportunity to criticize Washington.

China, with which tensions are increasing since the election of Mr. Trump, has denounced the “chronic disease” of racism in the United States.

Tehran, a sworn enemy of Washington, has denounced the “oppression” of the american people and called the american police to “stop the violence” against the population and the ” let it breathe “.

Riots in the United States: curfew imposed in New York, from 23 h to 5 h

The city of New York is going to be, because of the riots caused by the death of George Floyd in the hands of the police, placed under curfew as of Monday, announced mayor Bill de Blasio in a tweet.

“I’ve talked to the governor (of New York) Andrew Cuomo and for the safety of all, we have decided to put in place a curfew for the city of New York, this evening: it will enter into force at 23 h and will be up at 5 am in the morning,” it said in a tweet that the mayor of the economic capital, following the footsteps of forty other cities that have already taken this measure.

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