“American crime story 3” who is going to play Monica Lewinsky

The new season will talk about the sex scandal in the White house in the 90s

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"Американская история преступлений 3": кто сыграет Монику Левински

Frame from the series “American crime story”

As you know, the series-anthology “American crime story”, the previous two seasons which (about the case of footballer O. J. Simpson and the murder of Gianni Versace) is already in the network, is preparing to hit the audience with the third season. It will be even more scandalous than the previous one.

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The new season of the project will be devoted to the sex scandal in the White house around bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, thundered in the 90s. the other day it became known that the Intern of the presidential administration, came in “inappropriate relations” in the oval office, will play Bini of Feldstein of dramedy “Lady bird”.

There know the name of the third season of “American crime story: the Impeachment.” The show-run continues to support Ryan Murphy. But the real Monica Lewinsky is co-produced.

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What is known about the new season of “American crime story”

It is worth noting that the TV show will be based on the Jeffrey Tobin’s book “a Vast conspiracy: the Real story of the sex scandal that nearly knocked the President.” Note that Sarah Paulson will play Linda Tripp, the civil servant that was involved in a scandal.

The release of the third season is scheduled for September 27.

Recall the TV series “American crime story” started in 2016 and the show was extended to three seasons.

Fans of the Ukrainian projects we remind that in September on the UFO TV channel will the new season of the show experiments “Attack whale”.

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