American experts identified the top ten best TV shows of the year

Американские эксперты определили десятку лучших сериалов года

The creators of the series will receive the award in early January.

Wednesday, December 5, the American film Institute (AFI) published a list of the ten best TV shows of 2018, according to the with reference on the Facts.

It included “the Americans,” “the Murder of Gianni Versace: American crime story”, “Atlanta”, “Barry”, “Better call Saul”, “Method Kominski”, “the Amazing Mrs. Meisel”, “Pose”, “Heirs”, “we”.

In a statement, AFI emphasizes that these shows “have a significant cultural and artistic value”. The award ceremony will be held on 4 January 2019.

Then, prizes will be awarded to the creators of the 10 best feature films that AFI has identified 4 Dec.

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