American fabulously rich by selling the “Holy Grail”

The “Holy Grail” collection of retro games World Championships 1990 was bought almost instantly

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:50

Американец сказочно обогатился на продаже "Святого Грааля"

Guy sold a real “treasure” in the world of video games, and for a moment became a rich

The cartridge with an extremely rare video game Nintendo World Championships 1990 for NES game console (known in Russia as Dendy) was discovered in a box with the games in store used games in Portland, Oregon. The company Pink Gorilla Games put on Twitter a photo of the cartridge with the caption “Just exchanged! Not kidding.”

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According to the head of the chain stores Cody Spencer, August 6, a guy came to sell or trade my old collection of video games on anything newer. When the seller has revised the cartridges for evaluation, he first could not believe my eyes – in a box with dozens of video games was a real “Holy Grail” for collectors – a rare copy of the game World Championships 1990. The seller had to explain to the visitor what a treasure he’s kept all these years. Later, the company wrote on Twitter that he had paid the buyer $ 13 thousand per game.

Cartridges World Championships 1990 were presented to the winners of the world championship video games Nintendo in 1990. The cartridge itself was used in competition and has some sort of Remix of such hits as Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros and Tetris. Part copies were also given to winners of Nintendo Power.

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Of course, to be useful for collectors, the cartridge must have a certain status. Long time collectors and dealers thought that there is 90 grey and 24 gold cartridge. However, the serial numbers prove that there must be a few hundred. Serial number copy of the game was “0302”, the highest registered to date “0348”.

Tellingly, cartridge World Championships 1990 game was purchased by a collector the next day, but the amount of the transaction and the name of the new shop owner did not disclose. Given that previously, such cartridges are sold for 20 thousand dollars, then surely trading sit became richer by a few thousand from this transaction.

We will remind that earlier the game GTA V was blocked in 50 countries due to violations of the law. Not so long ago, a criminal was robbing banks with a gun from the game Duck Hunt.

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Американец сказочно обогатился на продаже "Святого Грааля"

Американец сказочно обогатился на продаже "Святого Грааля"

Американец сказочно обогатился на продаже "Святого Грааля"


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