American football: the Centurions de Nîmes champions of France in Division 3!

American football: the Centurions de Nîmes champions of France in Division 3!

Les Centurions de Nîmes sont champions de France de Division 3 pour la deuxième fois de leur histoire. Midi Libre – Thomas Loisel

Winners in the style of Villebon-Longjumeau (7-31), Sunday in Massy, ​​the Centurions of Nîmes concluded their season in apotheosis by becoming French D3 champions.

They were right to believe it. Winners in the manner of the Quarks of Villebon-Longjumeau (7-31), Sunday June 16 in Massy, ​​the Centurions of Nîmes, the rise to Division 2 already in their pocket, concluded their season in apotheosis by winning the title of champion of France in Division 3.

The technical sheet

Villebon/Longjumeau – Numbers: 7-31
Massy, ​​Jules-Ladoumègue stadium.
Half-time: 7-7.
For Villebon-Longjumeau: 1 touchdown, Neige (11th); 1 transformation, Le Nocher (11th).
For Nîmes : 4 touchdowns, Etienne (21st), Etheve (31st, 59th), Banctel (56th) ; 4 transformations, Verran (21st, 31st, 56th, 59th); 1 penalty, Verran (34th).

Patience and pragmatism

In Essonne, on the usual ground of Massy rugby players in Fédérale 1, the Nîmes found the physical and mental resources to collect the Silver Helmet."We knew how to be patient and pragmatic to achieve our highlights, we lived up to the event", underlines the’coach -player Jean-Philippe Eldin.

The Centurions, who inflicted the Quarks with their only defeat of the season, flexed their muscles to perform a great number at the best of times.

American football: the Centurions de Nîmes champions of France in Division 3!

The Centurions were encouraged from the first to the last minute by around fifty supporters. Midi Libre – Thomas Loisel

Iron defense and solidarity

If the Essonniens struck first (7-0, 11th), the Gard steamroller gradually gained volume and made the difference at the start of the second half. In four minutes, the Centurions, supported by an iron defense and unfailing solidarity, dealt a big blow to the Ile-de-France residents (7-17, 34th).

The echoes of the Centurions

The Centurions, who had fallen to the Regional after having rubbed shoulders with D2 in the mid-2010s, won their fourth national trophy on Sunday. The Silver Helmet won in Essonne is the second after the one won in 2005. The Centurions have also won the Golden Helmet (Division 2) twice in 2009 and 2013. Sunday's victory, coupled with the rise to Division 2, confirms the return to the forefront of a historic club in French American football.

For its return next season to D2, Nîmes has a dual objective, according to Jean-Philippe Eldin: “We want to stabilize at this level and continue to grow and structure ourselves. We have experienced lows, not so long ago, we especially do not intend to rush things. We will move forward &àgrave our rhythm."

Supported by around fifty supporters, the Nîmoise team wasé encouraged from the first to the next the last minute. The nine hour bus ride back à N&imes, as soon as the title was won, announced itself festively.

Nîmes never shook

Nîmes did not tremble for a single second and even added two final touchdowns at the end of the game (56th and 59th). Mass had been said for a long time, and the Centurions could exult at the final whistle. Dominant and confident, they had just added a title to their rise to D2, concluding in style a season that will go down in history.

"There is a lot of pride and happiness, savor Jean-Philippe Eldin after lifting the Helmet of& ;rsquo;money. We are going to savor this victory and take advantage of these moments, which are unique."

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