American made a tidy sum, got stuck in the toilet of Burger King

Американец заработал кругленькую сумму, застряв в туалете Burger King

He won the case in court.

A resident of Oregon (USA), a 50-year-old Curtis Bruner (Curtis Brooner), which was locked in the toilet of Burger King for an hour, won a lawsuit against the company and will receive more than 9 thousand dollars, reports the with reference on the Letters.

So, Curtis Bruner in January appealed to the district court for the district Multnomah.

According to him, on 15 December 2018, he tried to get out of the toilet of Burger King, however, the door lock of the restroom was jammed. He had to call for help and ask staff to break the door.

The toilet Bruner stayed for an hour. For this, the restaurant management promised to feed him burgers for free for the rest of his life. However, when Americans began to come for food daily, the restaurant changed their mind and refused the man.

Now, after the court decision, according to the attorney Bruner Michael fuller (Michael Fuller), within 30 days, he will receive a check in the amount of $ 9 026,16. USA. That should be enough to buy food once a week, until he turns 72 years.

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