American shared his experience meeting aliens

Американец поделился своим опытом встречи с пришельцами

The man claims that he was abducted by aliens.

The most amazing thing in this story is that this could happen to any of us and neither we, nor our loved ones don’t even have a clue about what happened. Resident of the United States, by the name of Francis, the last ten years also nothing knew… Not so long ago a man told his story on the page Singular Fortean Society, dedicated to paranormal phenomena, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

Last year, Francis fell and got a mild concussion. It was nothing special, and health risks, this case is not presented, but due to the head injury, Francis suddenly remembered that in 2008, he was abducted by aliens and carried out with some experiments on his ship. Here is a short story by American:

That summer evening I and my friend stood outside the house and smoke, suddenly appeared in the sky something bright, incomprehensible. I once joked that it’s a UFO, but soon it became no laughing matter, because this thing was closer. In appearance it closely resembled the unearthly aircraft. I and my friend felt a sudden irrational fear and hurried back into the house.

There we, however, calmed down and soon went to bed. The next morning I woke up with the feeling that he had seen a bad dream, but what exactly, I couldn’t remember and in the end forgot about this case.

So the other day, hitting his head, I suddenly remembered that that night somehow ended up on a space ship near me and fussed scrubby aliens – the ones that ufologists are called gray. They did something to me, and I couldn’t even move. For “gray” stood and commanded occurring high aliens. They all communicated telepathically, so I turned to him mentally and asked that they remove the growing fear in me. After that, I became indifferent. I asked what they were doing to me, and got a strange answer: it is necessary for the development of your race. The rest was in a fog, apparently, I was again drugged.

…Remembering all this, I went to the doctors with a request to examine me more carefully. As a result of my auricle was removed the implant.

Francis promised in the near future to bring and show them this implant. For their part, the journalists said that their resource are a few stories about alien abductions. And how many among us those who are afraid to talk about it, not to mention the thousands of “test subjects”, who, like Francis, don’t remember anything, because the aliens know how if not to erase, to block the memories of such meetings. And not every one of these people then hits his head and accidentally says unpleasant incident.

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