American TV presenter “drowned” live. Video

Американского телеведущего "утопили" в прямом эфире. Видео

Hurricane Florence has already approached the U.S. coastOn the YouTube channel The Weather Channel published a video clearly demonstrating what consequences to expect as a result of the collapse on the US East coast of hurricane Florence, writes the with reference to

According to the moderator, it is already known about the raising of the water level in many areas up to one meter, which is enough not only to cover the foot.

“It also may stall the machine and it may even carry. And, of course, podtopit first floors of the houses,” he said.At the same time, the presenter notes that Florence is able to raise the water level almost up to two meters.

“This volume can carry many objects, even cars and inflict massive damage. Water can also in this case, to completely flood the lower floors of buildings. Florence will also bring storm surges of height greater than four meters that will completely cover a single-storey building. There are very few places that will remain intact after waves of such heights,” he added.

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