American who drove into crowd found guilty of intentional homicide

American man driving into crowd found guilty of intentional homicide


A man who killed six people after driving into a crowd during a Christmas parade in the United States in 2021 was found guilty of intentional homicide on Wednesday by a jury, at the result of a trial in which he regularly disrupted the hearings. 

Judge Jennifer Dorow read the 76 charges brought against Darrell Brooks, 40, who has long kept with his head bowed.

The jury found him guilty of all the charges: intentional homicide, endangering public safety and hit-and-run in particular. In the state of Wisconsin, where the trial was held, intentional homicides are punishable by life imprisonment.

Darrell Brooks did not want a lawyer and represented himself -even.

On several occasions, he interrupted the trial and had disagreements with the judge, who then transferred him to another room.

Last year, he rammed his vehicle into the crowd in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where an annual Christmas parade was being held, shortly after he became involved in a nearby domestic dispute.

In his mad dash, Darrell Brooks also left dozens injured.

Six people were killed, including a child.

“Burn in hell, you bastard,” someone in the room shouted Wednesday before being deported.

Darrell Brooks has a long criminal record. In particular, he was charged in 2020 with endangering others after shooting his nephew during an altercation.

The following year, he was again prosecuted for hitting and attempting to to crush the mother of her child. He was released a few days later on posting $1,000 bail.