Americans killed in Mexico: alleged apology letter from the cartel accused of the facts

Americans killed in Mexico: alleged letter of apology from cartel accused of the facts


The drug cartel accused of kidnapping four Americans in Mexico and murdering two of them reportedly circulated a letter of apology and handed over the alleged perpetrators to authorities, media reported Thursday local, without official confirmation. 

Several Mexican media published a letter attributed to the Gulf Cartel on Thursday, in which this organization claims to “vigorously condemn” the facts. She “apologies” and says she decided to turn the perpetrators over to the authorities.

The kidnappers acted without the authorization of their leaders, according to this alleged letter from the Cartel.

The same media also published a photo in which this handwritten statement appears next to five people lying on their stomachs with their hands tied. However, the authorities have not confirmed whether they were indeed the alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping.

So far, the Mexican prosecutor's office has only reported the arrest of a single suspect, who stood guard near the abductees.

The four Americans had driven across the border in a white minivan with North Carolina license plates before being fired upon and then abducted by armed men in the border town of Matamoros. Mexican authorities quickly raised the possibility of a “misunderstanding”.

Of the four Americans abducted, two died and two were later found, one with gunshot wounds and the other unscathed, in the outskirts of Matamoros. A Mexican bystander was also killed in the exchange of fire.

The bodies of the two dead Americans were repatriated to the United States on Thursday, authorities said.