AMI-tv content on ICI TOU.TV from February 1

Contents from AMI-t&tel; on ICI TOU.TV from February 1


AMI-télé, which is particularly aimed at people who are blind or have a visual limitation, will enhance ICI TOU.TV's offer as of February 1. < /p>

AMI-télé, let's remember, is the first and only French-language channel to present content entirely with described video.

To set the stage for this agreement announced Thursday, ICI TOU.TV will initially host the first seasons of “Ca ne se demande pas”, “Families like the others” and “Viens supper”, as well as the series “Ces Animaux qui nous nous bien” and “See la musique differently”, without forget the documentary “Blind Beauty”.

“The arrival of AMI-télé on the ICI TOU.TV platform is a source of great pride for us at the start of the year. This is proof that our content, initially intended for a targeted audience, can also appeal to wider audiences. This greater discoverability will help support our mission of inclusion and inform, entertain and empower the disability community,” said AMI-TV's vice president of content development and programming, Isabella Federigi, in a Radio statement. -Canada.

In addition to AMI-télé, the public broadcaster's platform makes content available from seven other broadcasters, namely Télé-Québec, TV5 Monde, TV5 Monde plus, Unis TV, ONF, France Télé and RTBF .