Among our booksellers, the community has responded

Chez nos libraires, la communauté a répondu

A large volume of online orders and a community of readers with a tight weave to allow the library The Euguélionne to pass through the current crisis.

The bookstore, Sandrine Bourget-Lapointe believes that the popularity of internet sales is something that will stay.

“We weathered the storm well under the circumstances. And it is thanks to the community that they have managed to build. We did more sales than before, but with more limited resources”, she remarked.

Located on Beaudry street, in the Village, in Montreal, the bookstore, The Euguélionne is a cooperative run by a collective of six people. The bookshop, which has seen the light of day in December 2016, is one of the few bookstores feminist that still exists in Canada and even internationally.

She also specializes in books for LGBT, anti-racist and anticoloniaux.

“The Euguélionne is also a place of encounters with literary events and activists. The literature is used to continue the fight, but adapted to the taste of the day,” she said, during a phone interview.

The commands, since the closure of the trade, come by the site of the library, by, by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Online sales, which were marginal on a daily basis have exploded.

“It comes from everywhere. It is a different pace of work, but it is very intense. It is ten hours per day and seven days a week,” said Sandrine le Bourget-Lapointe.

Of the eight employees, usually in post, three are at the heart of the action at this time.

An employee, a fan of cycling, has offered to make the deliveries on the island of Montreal.

“Our customer love initiatives that have the objective of reducing the ecological impacts. It’s part of their mode of life, and it is a little bad-ass. The delivery service has become popular,” said the bookseller.

Mode catch-up

Sandrine Bourget-Lapointe has found, through sales, that people have been wanting to catch up with the classics and the essentials of feminism.

The 2nd sex by Simone de Beauvoir, King Kong Theory, Virginie Despentes, am I not a woman? for Bell Hooks, I’m a maudite sauvagesse of an Antane Kapesh have been very good sellers.

Just like the big bricks, the sagas and the novels The path of the confetti of Marie-Eve Thuot and The Girlfriend prodigious Elena Ferrante.

“There has also been a tendency on the side of the books on sexuality, pleasure, and erotic literature. We really sold a lot. People in need of comfort and désennuyer”, she started laughing.

The bookseller continues to play, even if the days are very busy. Especially the fiction.

“Reading is like food for us. I finished For Today I am a Boy by Kim Fu and I think attack, then, the novel sovereigntist Heroine, a classic of the quebec writer Gail Scott. We should receive the result of the re-release of this book written in 1987″, she said.

With a store-opening planned for Monday, Sandrine Bourget-Lapointe indicates that discussions are held almost every day concerning the measures that must be put in place and the number of persons who can be found at the same time in the bookstore.

“We look forward to resuming the board-client. However, consider that people are accustomed to online orders, and it will continue. We keep that in mind “, she dropped it.

The suggestions of Sandrine


Ayiti | Roxane Gay


Journal | Julie Delporte


Autobiography of the stranger | Marie-Ève Lacasse


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