Amsterdam will ban cars on gasoline and diesel fuel

Амстердам запретит автомобили на бензине и дизельном топливе

Амстердам запретит автомобили на бензине и дизельном топливе

Amsterdam will ban cars on gasoline and diesel fuel

All the innovation will come into force in 2030.


The city of Amsterdam has decided to discontinue the use in the city vehicles with petrol and diesel engines: they will not be able to enter the area within the A10 road surrounding the capital. The program will be implemented in stages: first, by 2020, the limitation will apply to cars manufactured before 2005, then the list will be updated. By 2022 environmentally friendly will be all buses, and three years later – aqueous vehicle.

As a result, by 2030 all vehicles on diesel and petrol will completely go of the past and it will be replaced with electric cars and cars with hydrogen engines. The system of privileges, including Parking, will encourage residents to adopt a participation in the project. The administration will also make sure that the use of electric cars do not pose a problem: if now in Amsterdam there are 3,000 charging stations, the 6 years will be created from 16 000 to 23 000.

“Air pollution is a “silent killer”; in Amsterdam this is one of the most serious threats to health,” city Councilman Dijksma Sharon (Sharon Dijksma).

Although the implementation of the project pursues a good purpose, he has a lot of critics. They remind us that tens of thousands of families have no money for electric car innovation “makes Amsterdam a city of the rich.” According to independent experts, by 2030, the fleet will consist of electric vehicles, not more than a third.

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