Amy Schumer: everything to break taboos

Amy Schumer: everything to break taboos


She defied dictates, broke down barriers and took female comedians to new heights, once undreamed of. But Amy Schumer does not intend to be satisfied with it. “We must always continue to fight against the hypocrisy and misogyny that we all face,” says the comic. 

With her outspokenness, her sometimes raw gags and her uninhibited attitude, Amy Schumer quickly became the face of her generation of female comedians. She has been breaking taboos for more than 15 years with her incisive and frontal humor that she declines as much on stage as on screen with, among others, the series Inside Amy Schumer and the hit movie Trainwreck.

In short, she is not shy. And she refuses to give up, rushing headlong into the barriers that we try to erect on her way or on that of her female colleagues. 

“ It is certain that if I speak with Gloria Steinem, she will tell me that we have made immense progress. But for me, that's not enough. We must not be satisfied, we must work continuously to break, again and again, the glass ceilings”, elaborates Amy Schumer, in a telephone interview. 

A title “  hilarious”

The situation of women in humor, she attests, has made significant progress since the beginnings of her idols Joan Rivers or Whoopi Goldberg. An example ? The title of his new tour, Whore (or “Putain”, in French). A few years ago, the use of this word would have undeniably shocked the masses.

“ The funny thing about all of this is that it’s not a word that defines the show. I just found it catchy and hilarious to call my tour that,” laughs Amy Schumer.

So what to expect from this tour? Hard to say, the comedian has not yet kicked off during his interview with Le Journal. However, she promises “very personal” material, but just as crisp than what it has accustomed us to in the past. 

“I want to talk about where I am today without embarrassment and without avoiding topics like the vagaries of marriage and motherhood. But hey, obviously I'm also going to say a lot of bullshit,” she laughs. however certain: touring life will now be much different for Amy Schumer. The comedian indeed became a mother for the first time with the birth of her son, Gene David Fisher, in the spring of 2019. The toddler did not hesitate to loudly interrupt this telephone conversation. 

“ I am really sorry; my son is not so interested in my career and my obligations; in his eyes, I am his mother and nothing else. So, let's just say that life on tour might be a bit strange,” says the comedian. /em> by Amy Schumer is stopping by Montreal's Place des Arts on Saturday night for two performances. She will receive the comedian of the year award from the Just for Laughs festival the day before.