Amy Schumer spoke about the illness of her husband

Эми Шумер рассказала о болезни мужа

The actress spoke about the illness of her husband.

American actress, known for her comedic performances, Amy Schumer spoke about the illness of her husband Chris Slate. 37-year-old star admitted that she immediately knew that his brain is functioning differently.

Wednesday, March 20, on Netflix will premiere a film called Amy Schumer Growing. The movie is dedicated to the actress Amy Schumer and the plot, in the film she will talk about his career path, about the pregnancy and, of course, the actress could not avoid the theme of relations with her husband Chris Slate. However, some recognition of Amy Schumer allowed himself to open before the film’s release. This publication reports CNN.

The actress spoke about the illness of her husband and how it affects their personal lives.

I knew from the beginning that my husband’s brain works differently than mine. But I tried to handle the situation, because like him very much. My husband was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome – autism spectrum disorder. When he was diagnosed, it seemed a little funny. The fact that all of the symptoms indicating the disease are the reasons why I loved him– admitted pregnant Amy Schumer.

Later, she transferred those qualities referred to in the diagnosis. “He says what he thinks. Nothing to hide. He doesn’t care about social norms and what you expect from it,” added the actress.


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