An abuser of teens out of jail

Un agresseur d’ados sort de prison

An ex-soldier sentenced to nine years in prison for sex crimes against a dozen teenage girls will be able to get out of the penitentiary, even if he is always a risk of recurrence is high and that he recognizes not be a deviance.

“No significant improvement relative to your offence cycle and contributing factors were identified in the course of your sentence,” noted the commissioner Brigitte Veilleux.

Although he is behind bars since his guilty verdict, which was rendered in the spring of 2015, Simon Girard Levesque does not appear to have progressed and, if we are to believe a recent decision of the parole Board of Canada (PBC) in which The Journal has obtained a copy.

Portrait poor

Speech worrying, refusing to recognize a problem that is sexual, lack of accountability, a tendency to overestimate themselves and manipulate, bringing the total of victims and high risk of recurrence : these are only some of the observations made by the team from the correctional Service of Canada (CSC) responsible for the previous poor ex-military.

Between 2010 and 2012, the young man template imposing has met his sexual desires brimming with 13 girls aged 12 to 16 years.

The one who will be 33 years on Friday came in contact with the victims through the social networks before you meet them in person.

He has had sexual contact with five of them, assaulted the two and held one.

The ex-corporal, who participated in two missions in Afghanistan, did not hesitate to promise money and alcohol to the girls to achieve his ends.

Girard Levesque has now served two thirds of his sentence of nine years incarceration, and is therefore eligible for statutory release.

It is an almost automatic procedure, where the intervention of the PBC is limited to the imposition of terms and conditions ” reasonable and necessary “.

The detention, however, is possible if the correctional Service of Canada made the recommendation, which was not the case here.

According to a study of the CSC, between 2004 and 2014, approximately 4 % of offenders remained in jail for their full sentence.

This may apply in cases where the notion of “serious harm” arising from the crime is present – which is the case here – and that the risk of recurrence is high.

By the way, these are the sex offenders who are most likely to remain behind bars, has demonstrated this study.

Transition house

Girard Lévesque wanted to go and live with his mother, and that the board has refused him. The sexual predator must, therefore, reside in a halfway house until the expiration of his sentence.

“The Commission is convinced that, at this stage of your sentence, there is no other alternative as to the imposition of a residency condition to adequately protect the company “, reads the decision.

The PBC has also banned access to the internet, even if the ex-military believed that it was an injustice.

“It would be hazardous to let you have use of this kind of material, without putting yourself in a situation of recidivism of a sexual nature,” concluded the commissioner Veilleux.

Girard Levesque must also abstain from drugs and alcohol and be in the presence of minors. He will also have to share all his dating female to his or her supervisor.

When they have finished serving his sentence, the thirty-year-old, who has been declared long-term offender for a period of 10 years, will continue to be closely monitored by authorities.

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