An accomplice to a monster

Complice d’un monstre

If you looked at Jeffrey Epstein : Power, money, and perversion on Netflix, the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell has probably surprised earlier this week. Not surprised that it has been stopped ; surprised that she had never yet been.

Output in the month of may, this miniseries based on the book Filthy Rich, James Patterson, draws a very bleak picture of the ex-girlfriend of the billionaire pedophile. Giving voice to the victims, the director, Lisa Bryant dissects the vast network of sex trafficking of underage girls, organised by Epstein. At the end of the four episodes, the participation of Maxwell is devastated.

His right arm

Ghislaine Maxwell is located in the heart of several segments of the documentary. Lisa Bryant tells how his path crossed that of Jeffrey Epstein in New York. Ghislaine came from the United Kingdom. His father was Robert Maxwell, a figure known in England, a large publisher of newspapers… turned out to be a scammer.

On the one hand, Ghislaine Maxwell was described as a woman charismatic, bubbly, funny, and intelligent. An extrovert who had studied at Oxford University, north London.

On the other hand, the series shows that it was part of the sordid system put in place by Epstein. The victims of the wealthy business man say that it was like recruiting. It was ” his right arm “. Not only does it appâtait young girls of 14, 15 and 16 years old, but she participated in the sexual abuse. And when the recruits rebelled and claimed that they intended to reveal the horrors they were experiencing as the big day, she boy uttering threats of retaliation, physical.

These charges are reproduced, almost word for word, in the indictment released Thursday against Maxwell, 58 years old.

Useful work

The announcement of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell caused much ink to flow, especially in the United States. According to Lisa Bryant, Jeffrey Epstein : Power, money, and perversion would have led to the developments of the past few days. “The series may have awakened the minds creating so much outrage,” said filmmaker magazine, Entertainment Weekly. We saw comments such as : “But what happens to the co-conspirators ?” “Why is it that they do not stop Ghislaine ?” The series may have pushed the FBI to act quickly. “

Recall that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead of a “suicide apparent” – the correctional Centre in New York in August 2019. He was jailed pending a trial for assault and sexual exploitation of a minor.

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