An acrimonious dispute for the former player Stephane Quintal

Un conflit acrimonieux pour l’ex-joueur Stéphane Quintal

The former player Stephane Quintal is entangled in an acrimonious dispute against the businessman with which he had opened a gym in the training center of the Montreal canadiens.

Un conflit acrimonieux pour l’ex-joueur Stéphane Quintal

Stéphane Quintal

The ex-defender continued his former partner, Leonard Schlemm to force it to buy back its shares with a value of 832 000 $ in the Mansfield athletic Club South Shore, housed in the Bell sports Complex in Brossard, owned in part by the club de hockey Canadien.

Schlemm, a magnate montreal gyms, “refuses or neglects to always respect the agreement and to perform its commitment, without any valid reason” since 2016, according to Quintal.

The ex-hockey player has even sent a bailiff to his home in December 2018.

A few days later, the former professional player has filed a lawsuit to force him to pay, but Leonard Schlemm has responded with a counter-lawsuit.

The businessman considers that it owes nothing to Stéphane Quintal and asks for the same the repayment of a loan without interest of $ 255,000 was that he made him in 2016 to pay for his house.

Problems from the start

Schlemm accuses him also of not honouring the agreement reached in 2007 to launch the Club the Mansfield Rive-Sud.

Stéphane Quintal was to invest half of the funds needed by the company.

Finally, it has provided less than a million $, on a budget of$4.25 Million.

Worse, according to Leonard Schlemm : the former number five of the Glorious was to “oversee the operation of the club and direct sales,” according to a note filed in evidence in the court case.

However, the ex-defender would have done nothing, being increasingly cornered by its growing responsibilities within the national hockey League (NHL), where he began working in the department of player safety in 2011.

Therefore, Stéphane Quintal “has abandoned his duties at the club Brossard, while he remained a shareholder and receiving dividends,” according to Leonard Schlemm.

Things are not arranged by the suite, because the former defender is mounted in-grade to the NHL, as the first vice-president of player safety, from 2014 to 2017.

In April 2019, Stéphane Quintal has agreed in out of court examination that he never had the intent to support the activities of the Mansfield Rive-Sud.

“Well, I have no skill compared to finance or things like that. My role, it was […] to use my credibility as a former player on the Canadian “, he argued.

Just there to greet

For him, it should ” be there and say hello to the world “.

It is precisely what he accuses his former partner.

“He never had the intention to do more for the Club Brossard training and greeting people,” according to the lawsuit brought by Leonard Schlemm.

His former partner accuses Stephane Quintal have hampered its efforts to sell the Mansfield Brossard.

In December 2017, Schlemm has even sent a formal notice requiring him to stop divulging the discussions he had with prospective buyers.

The setbacks of the Mansfield Rive-Sud

When the Mansfield athletic Club South Shore has opened its doors in January 2009, journalists were presented as the ” gym ” of Stéphane Quintal.

But the former defender has never held more than 20 % and did not run the training center, now in bankruptcy since July 13, according to documents filed with the court.

Un conflit acrimonieux pour l’ex-joueur Stéphane Quintal

Leonard Schlemm

The real brains and majority owner was the Montreal Leonard Schlemm, a business man discreet, which had, until recently, a veritable empire of the gym to the four corners of North America.

Schlemm had been trying for nine years to find investors to replace Quintal, and then to resell them to the training centre to complete, without success.

In 2011, the business man has, in particular, approached Mike Cammalleri, who was playing at the time for the Canadian, and Marc Bibeau, magnate of construction and ex-treasurer of a liberal.

After other approaches are unsuccessful with Nautilus Plus and the american Crunch to buy the training center, the Mansfield Rive-Sud is embedded in losses from 2018, show documents filed with the court.

Completed by the COVID-19

After the closure of the Mansfield centre-ville de Montréal and the bankruptcy of the one of Pointe-Claire, in the west of the island, two years ago, the COVID-19 has delivered the coup de grace.

The empire of the gyms of Schlemm in Montreal eventually collapse.

In British Columbia, a chain of which he was co-owner, SNFW Fitness, also bankruptcy in April after a conflict with another associate sportsman, the former star canadian basketball, Steve Nash.

In Brossard, Schlemm is the largest creditor listed in the bankruptcy of the Mansfield Rive-Sud, that owes him$ 3.2 Million, followed by Stephane Quintal to the height of 800 000 $.

The company must also 176 370 $ to its owner Canaxor real Estate, the joint venture of the Habs with Axor, which holds the Bell sports Complex.

The creditors also include subscribers, who have paid 55 044 $ for training sessions, prepaid, according to the trustee.

Who is Stéphane Quintal ?

  • 51 years old
  • Drafted in 1988 by the Boston Bruins
  • Has played seven seasons for the Montreal canadiens
  • Has also played up in 2005 for the Blues from St. Louis, the Winnipeg Jets, the New York Rangers and the Chicago black hawks
  • From 2011, he worked in the department of player safety for the national hockey League (NHL)
  • A member of the committee of the safety of the players of the international Federation of ice hockey
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