An advisor of François Legault is critical of the China

Un conseiller de François Legault critique la Chine

The arrogance, the aggressiveness and authoritarianism of China must be contained by the West, according to a special adviser to François Legault, has been criticized for his frankness by experts.

“The western countries are ripe to put in place a policy of “containment” [containment] of China”, has written on the social media Stéphane Gobeil Monday at the end of the day. Containment is a policy adopted by the United States after the Second world War to stop the progression of the zone of influence of the soviet Union.

It would now be necessary because of the “arrogance, aggression and authoritarianism”, but also “the annihilation of peoples (Tibet, China), imperialism, the theft of intellectual property, destruction of planet, etc,” said Mr. Gobeil. It was pointed out to the Journal that he wrote this message as a citizen.


For Jocelyn Coulon, an expert on international politics who has advised the ex-minister of foreign Affairs canada Stéphane Dion, it is a faux-pas. “When one is an advisor, we can no longer speak as a citizen”, he says. “It makes you wonder if the PM shares the ruminations of his counsel”, he added.

In his opinion, several of the criticisms made by Mr. Gobeil can also apply in the United States. “American foreign policy is quite arrogant, aggressive and imperialist”, he says : Obama had to offer his apologies to the German chancellor, because it was listened to by spies in the u.s.; nearly 200 000 people have died in Iraq because of the war waged by the United States; the americans have pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate.

Domination of China

Loïc Tassé, political scientist specializing in China and a lecturer at the University of Montreal, is in agreement with Mr. Gobeil, but believes, however, that he would have to keep the profile low.

“What he describes is more and more consensus among scholars of China. A report of the u.s. Senate released on Tuesday warns the world against the domination of China digital,” said he. “But it is unskilful to a counselor to épivarder it on social media,” he says.

In his opinion, the United States is already in the process of creating a front against China, and it will be difficult for Canada to stay neutral in this conflict.

On the side of the official opposition, asks François Legault to explain quickly, “as to the words of his very close collaborator”. “The government does it spark a trade war with China by the voice of the scribe of the prime minister? This is a very unusual orchestrate our economic relations and diplomatic,” said the head of the liberal Dominique Anglade.

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