An agreement to support Lozère businesses in their search for financing

An agreement to support Lozère businesses in their search for financing

Lors de la signature de la convention entre la CCI de la Lozère et la Banque populaire du sud. MIDI LIBRE – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

Elle a été signée par la chambre de commerce et d’industrie de la Lozère et la Banque populaire du Sud.

The Lozère Chamber of Commerce and Industry has just signed a three-year partnership with the Banque Populaire du Sud. This partnership follows a call for applications launched by the CCI. "Business creation needs financing, but not just creation. We must also ensure that transmission is effective", says Thierry Julier, president of the CCI, recalling that the maintenance and creation of businesses are essential to the dynamic of a territory.

Individual and collective support

This agreement should facilitate the banking journey for entrepreneurs. It particularly concerns four points: individual support for business creation; collective support for creation during workshops with project leaders; support for business development; an event part.

Morgan La Vallé, Banque populaire du Sud branch manager in Lozère, explains that the CCI and the Banque populaire "share the common DNA of wanting to promote local economic development both on the creation and development of businesses", and that the bank will be able to make financing arrangements and its tools available for a complete offer. Let us be clear that the choice of the bank to which the project leader will submit their request is of course not imposed. The objective being to allow the project leader to present the best possible application, most likely to obtain financing.

"We manage to find financing when we create, when we invest, still notes Thierry Julier. But it’s more difficult when you are in difficulty." "Often when we try to intervene with companies in difficulty, it’s too late, confirms& nbsp;Morgan La Vallé. With this partnership, thanks to the close exchanges that we will have, we will make sure to do it as quickly as possible to find the appropriate solutions."  

Whatever the scenario, creation, consolidation or transmission, you might as well put the most chances on your side.

For any information, contact the CCI Lozère, 04 66 49 00 33 or I subscribe to read more

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