An airliner iranian approached by of us combat aircraft

Un avion de ligne iranien approché par des avions de combat américains

TEHRAN | An airliner in iran has been approached over the Syria, for the two of us combat aircraft, said on Friday the iranian authorities, the american Command in the Middle East citing a “visual inspection”.

In a first time, Iran had accused Israel of attempting to intercept Thursday, in the sky, a syrian aircraft of the airline Mahan Air, which had finally landed without problem in Beirut, his destination.

Israel and the United States are enemies of long-time Iran. The power in iran is an ally of the regime in Syria, a country at war since 2011 and in neighbouring Israel, as well as the armed movement Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to the spokesperson of the iranian foreign ministry, Abbas Moussavi, of us combat aircraft have approached over Syria plane in iran travelling to Tehran to Beirut.

“If something happens to the plane on the way back, Iran will hold the Us responsible,” said Mr Moussavi, quoted by the website of the official agency Irna.

He added that the message had been transmitted to the united nations, but also “to the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, which represents U.s. interests in Iran in absence of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In the night, the public television of iran showed a video of the passengers screaming as the plane iranian seemed to try to escape at least two combat aircraft. “(…) The pilot of the commercial plane has quickly reduces altitude to avoid colliding with the hunter and several passengers were injured”.

“The pilot of the plane in iran has had a conversation with the drivers of the two hunters (…), they presented themselves as americans,” according to the agency Irna.

For its part, the Centre of the us command, which oversees u.s. operations in the Middle East, said in a press release that this manoeuvre had been conducted by an F-15 u.s. “air mission routine” over Syria, where the United States maintain troops.

“Visual inspection” is made up to 1,000 meters of distance, and was conducted “in accordance with international standards,” according to the press release. “Once the pilot of the F-15 has identified the aircraft as a passenger aircraft to Mahan Air, it is away from the device safely”.

In Lebanon, security sources in lebanon have reported that the plane iran had landed at the airport of Beirut. “There were four minor injuries among the passengers.”

In Syria, the official media have also stated that it had expected from the international coalition led by the United States, had approached the plane iranian.

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