An album that serious to the comical

Un album sérieux pour le comique

He made the public laugh with The Appendices. But with his first solo album, The Final Score, the comedian Julien Corriveau shows it is serious in plunging into the world of western music.

We had to call Julien Corriveau on Monday afternoon to talk about his album western instrumental. Funny timing, this morning we learned of the death of composer Ennio Morricone, who has been the main influence of the project The Final Score.

“Ennio Morricone has done something especially with the music of the film, said Julien. It was open to a wide public. He has been an influence for the choice of its instruments, of its melodies and rhythms he used. “

Its soundtrack favourite Morricone ? ThatIt was a time in the West, replied Julian. “For the emotional charge and how the instruments express themselves, and represent a character. “

After having played the video game Red Dead Redemption, Julien Corriveau was looking for western music, instrumental. But as he was quite little, apart from the work of Morricone, the comedian has decided to design himself.

Thus, last winter, after having completed the writing of the book Mr. Mousteille – Motobiographie, which is to be released next month, Julien has decided to work on his solo album. The arrival of the pandemic, and the containment that followed, has helped to advance the project more quickly.

Pause for jokes

On The Final Score, Julien Corriveau played all the instruments. Only Thomas Hébert (Tō), the group Valaire, made an appearance at the trumpet. “I wanted to maybe prove myself something, that I was able to carry out a project from A to Z,” said Julien, who has often composed music for tv and commercials.

The comedian has found beneficial is to take a break from jokes with this project. “I didn’t want the humorous side comes out,” he said. It was good to work with another language. “

A first clip, designed by Joël Vaudreuil, has seen the light of day for the room We will leave this night. Julien is considering approaching other visual artists to dress up the other pieces. “One of my fantasies would be that there was a film where I could use my music,” he says.

The first album of Julien Corriveau, The Final Score, is available on the market.

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