An Alpine rally without a timer, in a Peugeot 205, on the road to friendship!

An Alpine rally without a timer, in a Peugeot 205, on the road to friendship!

Thierry Smargiassi et Robert Pic, une amitié de près de cinquante ans. Midi Libre – D.R.

Thierry Smargiassi et Robert Pic, la soixantaine aujourd’hui, amis depuis les bancs du collège Jean-Moulin, s’engage sur la 5e édition de l’Alpina raid du 30 juin au 5 juillet

It’s a long, very long friendship. It starts on the benches of the Jean-Moulin college in Alès, in 6th grade, and continues, 50 years later in the Spartan comfort of the sports seats of a Peugeot 205 in the middle of the French and Italian Alps.
This Sunday, Robert Pic, Bob for short, and Thierry Smargiassi, aligning themselves with the 5th edition of the Alpina raid from June 30 to July 5, are committed on an extraordinary ordeal of which their unwavering friendship will not be one of the least resources.

A friendship that topples mountains

Arrived the day before at the Col de la Madeleine," with the snow within reach ", the Maurienne valley sets the starting point for a cultural and tourist journey of 800 km, including the crossing of nearly 30 alpine passes.
A route taking in some of the legendary passes of the Tour de France that Thierry Smargiassi remembers for, in his youth, d
This time, it is on the specific qualities of this Peugeot 205 1.9 liter diesel that they will rely. Not without getting your hands dirty. " We redid the clutch, the distribution, installed new seats and of course upgraded the car. "
A necessity in view of the DFCI tracks on which the two friends will engage. Who will not forget at the time of bivouac, on a cool Alpine night and under the clear eye of a full moon to savor this friendship which knocks down mountains…

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