An Amazon delivery man delivers his package despite the presence of SWAT

Amazon delivery man delivers package despite SWAT presence


An Amazon delivery man has become a social media star for making a dangerous delivery during a SWAT unit response in the United States. 

The event, which happened last month, caught the eye of TikTok users recently. The post garnered 6.7 million views.

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“When you are passionate about your work, nothing can stop you,” reads the caption of the video.

The police had been negotiating for 24 hours with an armed suspect. The dangerousness of the situation did not faze the Amazon employee who nevertheless chose to complete his delivery.

The man's nonchalance seemed to shock the police officers who watched him in disbelief.

The delivery man then handed the package over to the officers who blocked his way. He then took a photo of the home to prove his passage.

“He must have written 'handed over to a SWAT officer' in the delivery status,” commented one user. 

“He's more afraid of Jeff Bezos than being shot,” said a second commenter. 

Some ex – Amazon employees have indicated that this kind of behavior is not so exceptional, within the company. We could get ourselves in trouble if the packages didn't arrive on time.”

Child in danger

The police had to intervene with a man who had barricaded himself with an 11-year-old child, according to information from ABC 11.

The intervention ended when the suspect took his own life.

The child was injured, but his life is not believed to be in danger.

According to information from < em>New York Post