An American dies in trying to escape the police in ontario

Un Américain meurt en tentant d'échapper à la police ontarienne

BROCKVILLE, Ontario | A fifty-year-old american has lost the life, on Saturday morning, while he was likely to flee the police in Brockville, in eastern Ontario.

According to what was explained-the special investigations Unit (SIU) of Ontario, the 56 year old man residing in Houston, Texas, had been spotted in the morning around 10: 15 p.m. by patrol officers of the police Service Brockville, as he walked on a viaduct over highway 401.

“When the officers approached the man, he fled and jumped over the railing, falling on the ramp to the highway,” has detailed to the SIU, which manages in particular the surveys at events to police which result in death or serious injury to a citizen.

The American was transported to the hospital, where his death has been found.

The SIU has not stated for what reason the police were interested in the man, whose identity has not been specified.

An autopsy is scheduled Tuesday to try to better understand the causes surrounding the death. The SIU is conducting an investigation to try to determine the circumstances of this event.

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