An appointment not to be missed

An appointment not to be missed


Hunters and anglers can't stop thinking about their favorite activities and they're already dreaming about their next backcountry trips.

Unlike years past , where there were two exhibitions dedicated to our passions, in 2023, in greater Montreal, there is only one and it takes place on weekends at the Sheraton Convention Center at Carrefour Laval.


The National Hunting and Fishing Outfitter Show is in its 25th edition. The event has been held for more than 20 years at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Then, in 2017, this popular annual exhibition moved to Place Sports Experts Forzani in Laval. In 2023, to everyone's surprise, it moves a few kilometers away, to the Sheraton Laval. “Place Sports Experts was not available this year. So we had to revise our plans. The Sheraton was definitely the best choice for us. The site is known to everyone and it is easily accessible via highways 15 and 440. In addition, parking is free,” explains promoter Gaétan Mondou.

A large number of exhibitors

A total of 110 exhibitors met to inform enthusiasts and fuel their passion. As for outfitters, 65 have accepted the invitation, in addition to the various Sépaq destinations.

During such a gathering of stakeholders in nature, one has the impression of not having enough eyes and ears to see and hear everything. During my visit on Thursday, I met five outfitters that I chose in a very special way, relying on the compass rose. I selected the outfitter geographically furthest away in each of the directions connected to the four cardinal points. Here is what these forest innkeepers had to say and present:


Broadback Outfitter is part of the Cree territory of Oujé-Bougoumou. At Lake Assinica, anglers outsmart pike weighing an average of 3.5 kg, speckled fish weighing one kilo and walleye weighing 1.5 kg or more. This site, 730 km from Montreal, was closed in 2022 due to COVID and to renovate all the facilities. A total of eight guests can attend each week. A team of guides is on hand to support amateurs. For info: 418 745-2519 or

The southernmost 

Kenauk Nature's 265 km2 protected nature reserve is located 140 km from Montreal, in the Outaouais. This five-star location invites you for daily or package fishing, for hunting and vacationing. A total of 22 cabins have been erected on private lakes where rainbows, speckled fish, pike, bass, etc. live together. The fly fishing school helps enthusiasts learn the art of handling fly line. For info: 1 800 567-6845 or

The easternmost 

The Seigneurie du Lac Métis is located 45 minutes from Rimouski, or 600 km from Montreal. The 26 km main lake is home to lake trout weighing an average of 2.5 kg and ogresses over 7 kg. Speckled 750 g also coexist there. In the other six water bodies, stocked and native brook trout are foiled. Guests can choose between two 12-person chalets and six smaller ones. For info: 418 750-8978 or

The most westerly 

Zec Dumoine is the only controlled exploitation zone that manages and operates an outfitter. Gîtes Dumoine Nature is located on the shores of Lac aux Sangsues, 40 km from Rapide des Joachims, in Témiscamingue. With a length of 13 km, you can catch gray, walleye and pike. The zec, for its part, gives access to 400 lakes spread over an area of ​​1500 km2. The speckled and the rainbow are also present in these bodies of water. For info: 613 586-1966 or

Furthest in Canada: 

If you like adventure and a change of scenery, contact the French-speaking guide Normand Leroux of Yukon Fishing Adventure. He picks you up at the airport and offers you to stay in nature, in a trailer or in a luxury prospector tent, on the shores of Lake Aishihik, two hours from Whitehorse. With a length of 72 km, you can catch lake trout, pike and arctic grayling. I had a memorable fishing trip there. For info: 1 867 335-6262 or

The furthest of all

In 2015, France Boucher and Éric Bergeron from Saint- Jérôme acquired a 50 km2 piece of land in the heart of the mountains in South Africa and erected three lodges there to accommodate followers. Since then, the Majeje Safari outfitter has been offering hunting trips for impala, blesbok, kudu, walker buck, elk, buffalo and about fifteen other game. Basic packages including three beasts start at $5,000. For info: 514 895-0475 or 

To see

The purchase of an admission ticket at 12, $50 grants access to the site throughout the weekend. In addition, to encourage the next generation, admission is free for all young people aged 17 and under. After talking to the various innkeepers in the forest, visitors can take a look at a wide range of specialized services and products. They will also be able to attend various conferences.

In addition to the Laval exhibition, which takes place today from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and tomorrow, Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Gaétan Mondou and his team will present the Quebec City show next week and those of Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke in March. To find out more, visit

An appointment you can't miss