An approach that is reinvented itself in the CLSC

Une approche réinventée dans les CLSC

While hospitals receiving many patients with the COVID-19 in recent weeks, local community service centres are being reinvented to ensure that patients have access to services, despite the pandemic.

The CLSC Villeray, in Montreal, everything has been put in place quickly to ensure the safety of all. Operations continue to go well.

Before showing up to their appointments for general care, patients are contacted to ensure that they do not have the symptoms of the COVID-19. If this is the case, they are seen in a trailer fitted out in the parking lot.

Thirty people show up every day, on appointment, to undergo a screening test.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CLSC Villeray has continued to host approximately 700 patients per week.

In addition, those who present themselves for blood samples, or a hundred per day, must register online, in advance, to control the possible cases of coronavirus.

The CLSC also makes contribution six social workers, including a guard, to respond, among other things, to the psychological distress that hits multiple people.

The establishment prepares for a second wave of the COVID-19. A campaign of vaccination against seasonal influenza should begin sooner than expected, in September.

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