An asylum seeker saves a patient in the queue for the COVID

Un demandeur d’asile sauve un patient en file pour la COVID

Despite the risk of contracting the COVID-19, an asylum seeker did not hesitate to rescue a man to be the victim of a heart attack while he was in line to undergo screening in a mobile clinic.

“I know the suffering. I spent the death in my country. I couldn’t leave it there and do nothing “, blowing Alexis Achindebya Deuzoumbé, 33 years old, moved to tears in recounting his mishap of last Thursday, in Montreal.

On this day, the young asylum seeker was at his post as a security guard at the high school Louis-Riel, in the borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. He worked on the outskirts of the queue for the screening tests of the COVID-19.

“And there, I saw a guy fall on the back. I immediately saw the suffering in the eyes of his girlfriend who was at the side, powerless “, he says.

The man, originally from Chad, in central Africa, rushed to the victim. He began a cardiac massage, shouting to call 911.

“It is not breathed any more. I had to make nearly a hundred of cpr before it blows, ” he says.

The paramedics arrived on the scene, and then took the relay of the brave rescuer.

“I was really happy, filled with joy to see that he had regained consciousness,” says the one who would like to have news of the state of health of the man who seemed to be in the twenties.

And he apologizes…

Thursday, while we wanted to pay tribute to him for his gesture, Mr. Deuzoumbé to do was to apologize for not having complied with the recommendations of distancing physical of 2 metres.

“I ask for forgiveness to the government,” repeated the humble agent of GardaWorld, arrived in Quebec, 10 months ago.

Un demandeur d’asile sauve un patient en file pour la COVID

Stéphane Marcoux
Responsible for mobile clinics

“For us, it is a heroic gesture,” insists Stéphane Marcoux, head of the mobile clinics of the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal.

Mr. Deuzoumbé, an agronomist by training, says he is also grateful to his new employer to have had the opportunity to learn basic first aid.

Not easy for him

“In my country, it really left a lot of people die, because we did not know what to do,” laments there.

The latter describes the difficult situation it was facing down there.

“We live in conditions where a simple fever can kill someone “, illustrates the immigrant, grateful for the chance he has to live in Quebec.

His wife and their baby of 11 months are still stuck in this country. They are waiting for the father to be officially accepted before we can hope to come join him.

“When I told him what had happened, she asked me if I could save their life, to them, too “, lance-t-il.

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