An elder sentenced to jail for defrauding a widow

Une aînée condamnée à la prison pour avoir fraudé une veuve

A fraudeuse, who has usurped the identity of a widow in his seventies, to sell without his knowledge his house in Outremont worth $ 1.2 million, was sentenced Thursday to 15 months in prison.

“She has played a pivotal role in the ploy, [but] it continues to deny the obvious,” said the judge Joëlle Roy just before you send Christiane Bédard behind bars on Thursday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Bédard, a 62 year old woman, had financial worries in 2017. And to fill their pockets, it is associated with accomplices who attempted to rob an older woman.

Their choice fell on a lady of 75 years, newly a widow, who owned a luxurious house in the borough of Outremont, Montreal.

Bédard had to be present at the notary public by pretending to be the eldest, and transfer the title to the property.

False identity documents

The resident of Rigaud, in Montérégie, acceded to the plan. Equipped with false identity documents in the name of the lady, but with her own photo, she had no problem selling the house of the septuagenarian without the notary is in doubt of anything.

But a few days later, when Bédard was presented to the bank to withdraw a part of the loot, the plan has been covered.

The widow, who knew nothing of the transaction, has finally been informed several weeks later, by chance.

And even if she was the victim, the lady had to pay $ 40,000 in legal fees to recover his property.

The mortgage lender, who also flouted in this case, has lost 250 000 $.

No regrets

Accused criminal, Bédard eventually pleaded guilty, eliminating the need for victims to testify. She was hoping to not go to jail. A sentence to be served at home as well as community work would have been the case, she pleaded.

Except for that, it would have had to express at least some regrets, which was not the case, quite the contrary, noted the judge Roy.

“She victimizes by putting the blame on her accomplices, she wallows in the lack of accountability,” said the magistrate. She claims not to be aware of the illegality [of his action] is beyond understanding. “

Probation of two years

Thus, Bédard has been sentenced to 15 months in prison farms, as requested by the Crown.

Once outside the walls, the one who has worked 30 years in graphic design must submit to a probation of two years, during which he will be prohibited from holding bank documents that are not in his name.

Impassive during the sentencing, Bedard, however, has bougonné pretending the handcuffs, because a special constable has denied that it can go to tighten in his arms one last time, a relative who accompanied her.

The accomplices of Christiane Bédard, Adel Haddad, Stephen Steven Brousseau and Sonia Boisvert, aged 48 to 60 years old, had already been sentenced to sentences of 18 months, 12 months, and 75 days in prison, respectively.

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