An employee of a Canadian Tire would have stolen 67 barbecues on its hours of work

Un employé d’un Canadian Tire aurait volé 67 barbecues sur ses heures de travail

An employee of a Canadian Tire in Sherbrooke had practically started a company parallel in streaming on the internet of the stolen goods on his work hours to his or her own employer.

According to the authorities, pressed by questions from his superiors, Nicolas Paquette would quickly unpacked his bag, admitting to stealing for more than $ 100,000 of equipment.

He would have confessed that he used one of the trucks of the company to go fly a range of items to the company warehouse, before going on to deliver at home.

Over the past 90 days, the 26 year old male would have stolen not less than 64 air conditioners, 67 barbecues, 55-generating, 24 televisions, a treadmill, a tractor, tools, a heating system and kitchen accessories.

The value of the stolen property amounted to approximately 126 000 $, have told the forces of order.

“We was able to recover a good part of the loot in his garage,” said in the interview, the officer Martin Carrier, a spokesperson for the police of Sherbrooke.

According to the authorities, Nicolas Paquette would have been questioned by his bosses Wednesday noon, while he was returning to the Canadian Tire du boulevard Josaphat-Rancourt at the wheel of a company vehicle.

“He immediately confessed to his boss that he stole material from three months,” said the agent Carrier.

On several occasions, the employee would be returned to the warehouse of the company, would have loaded various items and then go deliver it to his home, located in the area of Waterville.

Always according to the authorities, the young man melted away, then the stolen items, on different websites selling online.

It is not known how much money has been pocketed Paquette through his ploy.

Nicolas Paquette, who was not known to the police community, was scheduled to appear Thursday, Sherbrooke, under various charges, including theft and break and enter.

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