An ephemeral beer garden will be created in Magog

The project called Lovering Biergarten inspired Todd Pouliot, president of the La Ruche Foundation and co-owner of La Memphre Microbrewery in Magog. So, in order to raise funds for the foundation supporting the Ruche High School, the businessman will create an ephemeral beer garden in downtown Magog in July.
M . Pouliot knows very well that his idea is likely to make some people react, since the proposal to install a real beer garden, at the corner of Principale and Merry streets, polarized opinions in Magog a few months ago.

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“I understand what it means, but we must remember that we are doing this for a good cause, that of the Fondation la Ruche, whose mission is related to the education of our young, says the businessman . And then I say to myself in good or bad, it is the result that counts. ”

The project imagined by Todd Pouliot will take shape on the very ground where the Lovering Biergarten was to appear. Picnic tables, inflatable games, trees and shrubs and a container will be placed on the site. The goal of the president of the Fondation la Ruche is to make sure that all the products that will be offered to the public are free. Visitors will however be invited to make a cash donation at the entrance.

“I am looking for suppliers who will agree to give us food and other products so that all donations collected can end up in the coffers of the foundation,” says the businessman.

The exact dates of the event, which “will look like a little carnival” according to Mr. Pouliot, are for the moment unknown. The president of the Fondation la Ruche hesitates between two weekends next July. “I already know that it will happen over three days. I expect good traffic. ”

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