An ex-blue collar workers of Laval recognizes his guilt

Un ex-col bleu de Laval reconnaît sa culpabilité

A judicial saga concerning harassment, intimidation, and acts of assault in the workplace, in Laval, has finally concluded after several years of twists and turns.

Christian Perreault, a former blue-collar City of Laval, has admitted his guilt, in particular, about allegations of assault against former colleagues, Francine Larivee and Andrea Di Genova, which he pushed around and intimidated.

Christian Perreault had appealed the verdict at the end of his first trial. The court ordered a second trial that took place last week, has indicated to TVA Nouvelles Me Francois Girard-Leduc of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP).

At the end of this trial, the ex-blue collar workers hired by the City in 1993 has admitted his guilt. It avoids, however, community work, a judge had imposed at the first trial. In the context of the second trial, he receives an absolute discharge. It avoids a criminal record.

One of the victims, Francine Larivee, has expressed her satisfaction at the conclusion of this case.

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