An exhilarating fall with Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia of Studio Party Time in Quebec City

An exhilarating fall with Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia of Studio Party Time in Qué bec


She dances, she teaches, she creates choreographies and people are even starting to recognize her in the street. Behind the recent successes of the dancers of Studio Party Time in Quebec City, champions of World of Dance Boston and semi-finalists on the show Revolution, an artist stands out: Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia.

Cassandra who? Fans of the TVA dance competition know who we're talking about. With her abundant hair, her dynamism and her virtuosity, this young 21-year-old artist from Quebec City is the leader of the Bad troupe, which will try to carve out a place in the final on Sunday evening.

At each of its performances since the start of the fourth season, Bad has made the masters jump from their seats thanks to the brilliant numbers imagined by Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia.

The Bad troupe listens to the remarks of the masters after a performance at Révolution .

Dancer AND choreographer at Revolution? This is something new.

“I think it's the first in four seasons,” she said in an interview with The Journal.“I have a lot of friends who are just coaches or just dancers. I couldn't choose. I also want to experience the trip of being on stage. Behind, you have no control,” says the one who has been teaching dance since the age of 13.

“It's big”

< p>Fall 2022 so far has been exhilarating. In addition to the fine run at Révolution, she led the 34 dancers of the BadCrew troupe (including the nine members of Bad) to victory at the World of Dance in Boston, last week, which gives them a ticket to the international final in Los Angeles, August 2023.

At the time of our interview, she was returning from Vancouver, where she had gone to work with the world-renowned troupe Brotherhood, a major accomplishment in her eyes.

“At 13, I had bought a hoodie from this troupe. I knew their 2014 YouTube videos by heart and here I am going to teach them. It’s big,” she says.

A familiar face

Thanks to television and social networks, she is even becoming a familiar face to Quebecers.

Family photo after the triumph at Boston.

“People stop me and take pictures with me. In Quebec, I go to the gas station and sometimes people look at me. I hear them talking and I know they recognized me. In Boston, a girl recognized me, told me she saw my videos on social media and that I was her idol.”

Not bad for a girl whose family doubted her her dream of living from her passion for dance.

“My grandparents wondered what I was going to do, but I realize that it is possible and that it works for me. Right now, I'm at my peak and I'm grateful for that.” 

She dreams of Cirque du Soleil 

Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia's career is on an irresistible momentum which, she says crossing her fingers, will lead her to work with big names in entertainment. 

Slowly, the young woman counts abandon dancing – “because after a certain age, your body can no longer follow your ideas” – to concentrate on his work as a choreographer. 

“I would like to be a choreographer for big productions the size of Cirque du Soleil, but not just that. The artistic direction, the staging, all that interests me”, says Kassandra Boivin-Cénélia. 

If there is one who believes that she can achieve her goals, it is Guildo Griffin. The founder of dance studio Party Time has watched her grow since she started dancing at the age of 3. 

The dance studio has kind of become her second home.  ;

“She's incredible, that little one,” he says, making a prediction that will please this gifted student. We could make a bet between friends, you and me, that she will choreograph one day for the Cirque du Soleil.”